The Road to Become PSM II – Part I

As many of you know, Scrum is a process framework used to address Complex, Adaptive problems in order to develop, enhance and sustain a product. is the official site behind this framework which provides a scrum guide, lots of articles, videos, assessments, and certifications.

PSM which stands for Professional Scrum Master is one of the assessments that accredits. It consists of three (3) levels: PSM I, PSM II and PSM III.

PSM I is the fundamental level of the assessment. PSM II is the more advanced level in which candidates should understand the underlying principles of Scrum and can effectively apply Scrum in complex, real-time situations. PSM III is the most advanced level of Scrum Mastery.

I passed PSM I six (6) years ago (2012) just reading the Scrum guide and some blog posts related to the experience of other people. I had a chance to use my Scrum knowledge in some projects, but I couldn’t dive into the subject very deeply.

As I did before, I want to get prepared for PSM II exam with my own. There are some blog and forum posts related to this subject, but not in detail and mostly like “to-do” list for passing the exam. It is not advised to get this exam before having a quiet scrum experience in a team, but it is not a must.
While I am studying from some books or posts, I want to share and discuss some points that catch my interest. And at the end, I want to attend the exam and pass at my first try (although it is possible to try the exam more than one time, $250 is quite expensive for “act-sense-respond” like behaving 🙂 ).

The Road that I am planning to Follow

  • Read Scrum Guide 2017
  • Read Nexus Guide
  • Take the Free PSM I Assessment on
  • Take the Free Nexum Assessment on
  • Read “New new product development game” article
  • Read “Scrum Insights for Practitioners” book
  • Read Gunther Verheyen’s “Pocket Guide” book

Let’s begin…

PS. I’m planning to publish a post for each item on the roadmap If I can overcome against my laziness and do a quality job which could be useful for you.

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