Learning Russian Language and Taking Certificate for RVP

Learning a new language is very challenging, but also rewarding activity in our daily life. It improves the brain, increases our life energy, creates new opportunities for future, having new friends and much more.

But, when we mention about Russian language, it is 2 times more challenging (category 2&3 in difficulty level). I’ve been learning the Russian language for nearly 1,5 years. I confess that I couldn’t reach a confident conversational level in this language yet, but became so confident at multiple-choice tests.

I think the big problem of not getting in conversational level is having an obsession on just caring and focusing the grammar.  I spent a lot of time for learning the gender of nouns, cases (падежи),  conjugations, verbs of motion, conjunctions etc; but less time for conversations. This method may help you to pass most of grammar or reading tests, but you will absolutely fail in a basic daily conversation.

Just focusing grammar in any language is like learning the game of chess by starting to memorize all opening repertoires. In fact, it is impossible to memorize all (with all variants); but more importantly, it is useless without understanding. If you’ve read some books on chess, you might have heard that it is always advised to get started from endgame, then middlegame and lastly opening.  Because starting learning from simple and less pieces help to internalize the game and then you can learn using all pieces with an aim.
If we get back our subject, learning a language (Russian language), it is just the same as happens in chess. We should start from basic conversations/texts. Of course we need grammar, but not very much, just as little as needed when we come across on texts or conversations.

Another subject that i want to mention is Russian Language Certificate for RVP (Temporary Living Permission in Russia). It is required certificate for applying RVP. The exam consists of three parts :

  • Russian language
  • History of Russia (20 questions, 50% correct answers needed)
  • Law (20 questions, 50% correct answers needed)

Russian language also includes 5 parts :

  • Grammar (25 questions, 70% correct answers needed)
  • Reading (10 questions, 70% correct answers needed)
  • Listening (10 questions, 70% correct answers needed)
  • Writing (2 writing subjects : 1 application letter, 1 survey)
  • Speaking (3 small subjects, 1 personal questions)

It is highly needed to complete a beginner level course in Russian language in order to pass this exam. But, self-study is also enough passing the exam if you know the right method 🙂

But mostly, beginner level in Russian language is not enough to understand the law questions.

For Law and History questions, i strongly advice you to download (В добрый час) app (only android version available) and memorise all test questions by reading the subjects at the same time.

For Russian Language, Russian language tests in app also useful for grammar; but you also need to pass reading, listening and speaking sections.
For these, you may study RVP Tests. For writing, you may find examples of writing application form (Заявление) and filling surveys (Анкета) on internet.

An Useful Tip :

Before having the real exam, requesting a demo from the test center is so useful. It is not too expensive and it increases your chance passing the exam.

By the way, i passed the exam three days ago, it is not a problem for me anymore. But, i still study Russian language for a confident conversational level. So, if you just started learning Russian language, do not care grammar too much, instead focus speaking…

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