A Model for Happiness, Awareness and Efficiency

Most of the time we feel as if something missing in our life. Even though we have a well-paid job, friends around or a love, a thing that we can not explain well continues to annoy us.

While I was thinking about this subject, I read a book that explains a model which can be useful to find the problem/missing point of our life. The code of the extraordinary mind written by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of MindValley.com

Vishen recommends to categorize our life into 12 areas and give them a score between 1 to 10.

12 Segments of Your life

  1. Love Relationships: Your current love status and happiness.
  2. Friendships: Do you have strong friendships that are ready to support you?
  3. Adventures: Can you spare time to have some adventures such as visiting extraordinary places, experience the world?
  4. Environment: The quality of your flat/house, car, the restaurant that you often prefer etc.
  5. Health and Fitness: Your health status. Are you really healthy and fit?
  6. Intellectual Life: Can you learn new things so often? Do you read a lot?
  7. Skills: Do you have special skills and continue to improve it or add new skills?
  8. Spiritual Life: What about your spiritual life?
  9. Your Career: Are you glad your job or your business?
  10. Creative Life: Are you a creative person? Are you interested in art, science or something else?
  11. Family Life: What about your family life? Are you a good father or mother? What about your relations with your parents?
  12. Community Life: Do you share your knowledge with your community? Are you thinking ways to improve or fix the problems of human-beings?

The Radar chart of Excel is a good tool to visualize this recommended areas. I’m using it and  I strongly recommend it.

12 Balance Areas

I can feel that you are wondering what is the next. Now, you will choose two areas that look weak compared to others. For example, Career and Community Life as radar chart shows us.

You may ask these questions or create your own questions.


  • What is your vision related to your career?
  • What you want to have related to your subject?

Community Life

  • What do you want to return back to the world or to your community (it could be your country, your city or even your village)?
  • Which problems of the world or a local area do you want to solve?

Do not forget that if you ask the right questions, at the end you can find the answers.

Update the chart periodically and sustain your dream life.

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