How to learn anything just in 20 hours

Today, I watched one of the most entertaining TEDx talks: The first 20 hours – How to learn anything, by Josh Kaufman.

Most of you may hear about 10.000 hours rule to become a master in any subject. I first met this rule in a book, Outliers written by Malcolm Gladwell. In a few words, in order to reach the top level in any subject: 10.000 hours dedication, focus and practice are needed.

Most probably, we will not need to reach the top level in all subjects, but some acts or ability of the subject will be actually enough for our regular life. As Josh says, only 20 hours is enough to have some ability on a subject and make the other people thought about us we have lots of experience on it.

We should just follow 4 principles while learning a new subject :

Deconstruct the skill: Specify actually what you need, what is your expectation from the subject. Focus a small portion of it and ready to learn.
Learn enough to self-correct: You don’t need all resources, books, videos collected. Choose one that is enough for your need.
Remove practice barriers: Be aware of phone, TV or other distracters while learning.
Practice at least 20 hours: Be patient and complete this 20 hours.

I personally chose to learn GIMP, an image editing program. I’m planning to complete 20 hours and aiming to have enough ability to edit photos and create some basic graphics for the web.

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